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Many Service Business Leaders are Fed Up with Mobile Processes

For most field service organizations, including HVAC, medical device, utilities and general service providers, mobile technology is critical for frontline employees to efficiently do their jobs. Workers are constantly on the go at customer sites, so they need mobile tools to access job details, scan barcodes, gather customer signatures, log time, and other essential tasks.

However, many of service leaders find themselves highly frustrated with their current mobile processes and apps. There are several key reasons behind this growing frustration:

  1. Outdated Tech & Legacy Apps – Many service businesses are relying on legacy mobile apps or processes that are several years or even decades old. The technology is archaic compared to the sleek experiences customers and employees are accustomed to with modern mobile apps. 
  2. Manual Data Entry – A chronic issue plaguing mobile processes is the need for excessive manual data entry by field personnel. They have to re-key information, manually transcribe details, and enter mundane data over and over on small mobile screens with little room for error. 
  3. Offline Limitations – Internet connectivity issues are another major headache. Many legacy mobile apps and processes require workers to be continuously online, which is incredibly disruptive when working remotely or in spotty service areas.
  4. Disjointed Ecosystems – In far too many cases, service businesses are cobbling together disparate mobile apps and processes in a disjointed ecosystem. One app handles barcode scanning, another for time tracking, one for receiving payments, and so on.
  5. Lack of Integration – Even if businesses are using dedicated mobile workforce apps, the solutions often struggle with integrating properly to back-end systems. This disconnect means data has to be constantly synced or re-entered in multiple places, creating redundancies.

How Do We Help?

Our Mobility Solutions

With more than 25 years experience running and supporting service organizations, our mobile process experts understand these challenges better than anyone. We’ve helped hundreds of contractors, field service organizations, logistics providers, and other service operations radically streamline and modernize their mobile capabilities.

  1. Mobile Assessments – Our consultants start by immersing themselves in your business to truly understand your needs, pain points, and goals. We then develop a comprehensive mobile strategy aligned with best practices to drive operational excellence.
  2. Choose & Implement Mobile Software – There are dozens, if not hundreds of mobile solutions on the market, each with their own strengths & weaknesses, as well as industry focus.  We help our clients sift through the noise of mobile tools to identify and select the best tool for their business. 
  3. Redesign & Deploy Existing Solutions – For capable solutions that are simply poorly deployed, re-designing and deploying an existing investment will preserve your existing investment.  Our redesign is focused on eliminating manual inputs, seamlessly integrating in your processes and interfacing with your backend systems.