Customer Service Capabilities

About Our Customer Service Offerings

With more than 25 years of experience running and or supporting service organizations, Newlogiq staff understands first hand how to ensure world class customer engagement. To do so, we help organizations:

  1. Choose & Implement Software – There are dozens, if not hundreds of scheduling, mobile, time sheet and analytics solutions on the market, each with their own strengths & weaknesses, as well as industry focus. We help our clients sift through the noise of service tools to identify and select the best tool for their business.
  2. Better Leverage Existing Tools – Over the last decade or so, many organizations have implemented field service solutions, but unfortunately are not seeing the benefits imagined. We audit your use of existing tools and develop plans for you to preserve your investment, while realizing higher returns.
  3. Assess & Define Service Processes – One of the most challenging areas for any service organization is objectively evaluating their service processes. Often those processes have evolved from when an organization was smaller and less complex and as a result no longer support the current needs. We bring an objective, unbiased eye to process evaluation and redesign, all with a goal of improving customer engagement.

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Our Cause

When you partner with Newlogiq, you are partnering with more than just a consulting company.  We’ve partnered with Knitt, Saratoga Senior Center and the Center for Disability Services to make a difference in our local community.  When you partner with Newlogiq, we donate 10% of our proceeds PLUS 10% of the total hours associated with your project to the cause of YOUR CHOICE.  So, not only does partnering with Newlogiq help your organization, you are also directly helping very worthy causes that matter to you!

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