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An Overview of Newlogiq's cutting edge AI consulting offerings.

AI Workshops

Understand How AI Can Be Leveraged in Your Unique Business

Our AI Strategy Workshop is specifically tailored for small to mid-sized businesses interested in exploring the use of artificial intelligence within their organization. With a core focus on identifying tangible
opportunities, we guide clients through the maze of AI possibilities, enabling us to pinpoint applications that can significantly reduce costs, elevate efficiency, and drive revenue growth. The workshop provides
businesses with a comprehensive AI roadmap, outlining actionable steps tailored to their unique needs, and a ROI model for each recommended initiative, ensuring a clear vision of potential returns on their AI investments.

Artificial Intelligence

Deploy large language models on your existing content.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) service allows customers to deploy large language models on their existing content to quickly extract knowledge. This eliminates the need for manual data analysis, providing a much faster and more accurate evaluation. With our AI service, businesses can reduce time spent on mundane tasks, while gaining valuable insights into the vast amounts of data already present in their systems. Our AI service is an invaluable tool that can help businesses accelerate their growth, increase their efficiency, and improve their competitive advantage.

Back Office Automation

Automate Your Manual, Back-Office Processes

Back office automation is the perfect solution for any business owner or CEO looking to reduce operational costs without significantly altering existing procedures. By leveraging proven AI technologies to provide automation, back office automation offers a long-term solution to streamline your back office processes. Now you can become more efficient with minimal effort!

Custom Training Videos

Leverage AI Audio and Video to Quickly Produce Training Materials.

Are you a CEO or business owner looking for efficient ways to create engaging learning material? AI audio and video training materials could be the perfect solution for you. Our service is designed to help you leverage the power of AI audio and video technologies to quickly create interactive training videos that are easily editable and can be used in multiple contexts.

AI Powered Chatbots

Radically Improve Your Customer Experience

This service allows customers to quickly and easily deploy AI powered chatbots within their organization. Whether the chatbot will be used internal or external purposes, it will be tailored to your business. These chatbots grow with you — as they are based on your ever growing business data, they have a deep understanding of your business and can provide efficient and accurate responses to employees or customers.

Sales & Marketing

Leverage AI to dramatically improve sales & marketing

Our innovative sales and  marketing service offers access to cutting-edge AI tools that automate lead generation, streamline sales team operations and optimize pipeline conversion. These powerful tools also enable businesses to track customer sentiment and preferences in order to anticipate their buying trends and adjust their marketing strategies. The result is increased ROI, improved customer relationships and greater overall success.