You’ve heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT in recent moments.  What do you really know about this rapidly expanding corner of the technology world?

The torrent of publicity about this tool has a lot of executives confused and more than a few slightly concerned about its impact.  On March 10, 2023, an executive peer forum known as Vistage presented a webinar on ChatGPT featuring:

Dave Nelsen :  Vistage Speaker of the Year, long time Vistage member, Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, and founder of several tech companies

Heather Lutz:  Vistage Top Performer Award Speaker and nationally known search expert

Thomas Young: Vistage Top Performer Award Speaker and member, digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and author 

The webinar was recorded and is available for free to watch. Click here for this 60 min webinar   I’ve watched it, and it provides an excellent high-level view of what ChatGPT is,  examples of how it can drive marketing and sales as well as outlining some of the pitfalls.  

This may revolutionize business.  Find out if it will revolutionize yours.