Many small-to-mid-sized businesses face a common challenge: the development of a strong leadership team below the chief executive. Often, individuals are promoted to leadership positions because of their exceptional skills in a particular area, but they lack the necessary formal leadership training to excel in their new role.

#Executive Coaching at Newlogiq Whitepaper

As a result, businesses struggle to reach their full potential, and chief executives may stress about a transition plan for the organization. At Newlogiq, we understand these challenges and have developed an executive coaching process designed to help businesses address this issue.

With years of coaching experience, we know that strong leadership is key to a company’s success. Our approach is designed to provide comprehensive training and support to leaders at all levels, helping them to grow and develop the skills necessary to drive business growth and success.

In this paper, we will outline the Newlogiq executive coaching process and its benefits for business owners and their staff. Executive coaching is a process that aims to enhance the performance and potential of business leaders, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives. The coaching process is a personalized, one-on-one approach that focuses on addressing specific challenges, improving skills, and achieving goals.  The Newlogiq approach is based upon the 20 bad habits as defined in Marshall Goldsmith’s book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”

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